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From the early explorers to the dancehalls of Acadiana, the stories of French-speaking Louisiana have reached audiences around the globe, continually evolving and inspiring new generations to embrace this unique relationship.


In 2017, #CreateLouisiana launched a new partnership to showcase the state’s deep connection to French and Francophone culture. With support from lead sponsor TV5MONDE USA, the #CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grant was born. In 2018, this opportunity returned with a $30,000 cash grant to again support one Louisiana filmmaking team to create a groundbreaking new film (a short scripted film or feature-length documentary) featuring French culture and talent (more below on this year's grantee).

The 2018 #CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grant is supported by TV5MONDE USA, Deep South Studios, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and Cox Communications. The completed film will screen at the 2019 New Orleans French Film Festival produced by the New Orleans Film Society.



Director Bruno Doria and Producers Lizzie Guitreau and Louis Michot are the recipients of the 2018 #CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grant for their feature documentary film, On Va Continuer!

SYNOPSIS:  In On Va Continuer!, one man and his Cajun band breathe life into a culture's "dying" language using the one form of communication understood by all: music. Louis Michot is the co-founder, fiddle, and vocalist of the Grammy Award-winning Lost Bayou Ramblers, an inventive Cajun music band from deep in South Louisiana. Like most Cajun music, their songs are written and performed in the Louisiana French language. Though once a cornerstone of communication in South Louisiana, this language is now disappearing with the older generations. By honoring their culture and not being tempted to push it aside in favor of more money and fame—they have reached higher than ever thought possible for a little band from the Louisiana countryside.


The film will premiere at the 2019 New Orleans French Film Festival. 

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