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Louisiana has long since been known for it’s rich heritage and storytelling.  From the early Acadian settlers to our French ancestors, the stories of French-speaking Louisiana have reached audiences around the globe, continually evolving and inspiring new generations to embrace this unique culture.

In 2015, #CreateLouisiana launched a new partnership to showcase the state’s deep connection to French and Francophone culture. With support from lead sponsor TV5MONDE USA, the #CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grant was born. 

The #CreateLouisiana French Culture Film Grant is supported by TV5MONDE USA, Cox CommunicationsDeep South Studios, Louisiana Entertainment, and CODOFIL.




(narrative short)

An elderly Black Creole grandfather must make money from street performing or move to Oklahoma with his daughter and grandson. 

Director/Writer, Luke Harris

Producer, Ann Nguyen

Lucky Luke Productions


Film Quest

(narrative short)

When Franky finds out his dad is sick and can't afford the treatments he needs, he enlists his crew of friends and movie-making cohorts to enter a local film fest and to compete for the prize of $100,000. The catch is, they have 5 days to complete this monumental project.

Director/Writer, Skyler Stroup

Co-producer, Samuel Craft

Co-producer, Scott Tilton

Nous Foundation


17 Year Locust

(narrative short)

When a struggling immigrant takes a job as a caregiver to a dying woman, she shares with him a secret that casts a haunting shadow on the American life that he has desperately been pursuing.

Director/Co-writer, Logan LeBlanc

Co-writer, Trevor Navarre

Producer, Allison Bohl DeHart


(documentary feature)

Intention follows the stories of eleven women who encompass the profound gradient of cultural heritage in Southwest Louisiana. Contextualizing language, music, food, art, and traditional faith healing, these Cajun, Creole, and Chitimacha preservationists inspire pursuits of passion in practice that give light to an untold cultural narrative.

Directors & Producers: Syd Horn and Olivia Perillo


On Va Continuer:
A Cajun Rockumentary

(documentary feature)

Grammy-winning Louisiana band Lost Bayou Ramblers push the boundaries of Cajun music and breathe new life into the Louisiana French language through their genre-bending music. On the recording journey of their latest album Kalenda, the Ramblers let us explore the modern Cajun lifestyle, and discover that this “dying” language may not be so dead after all.

Director, Bruno Doria

Producer, Lizzie Guitreau


Le Grand Remix

(narrative short)

From within the New Orleans French immersion community, a francophone school teacher from Africa and a teenage former student connect through music, dance, and cathartic visions of their worlds reimagined.

Director, Austin Alward

Producer, Sam Claitor

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